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Dog in Nature

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be at home for you to collect my dog?
    We tailor our service to be as convenient for you as possible. If you’d like to be at home when we pick and drop off your dog, or if you want to leave a set of keys with us that’s no problem at all. We recommend installing a lock box, so keys don’t leave your property and if you require any last-minute walks, it’s much easier for the walkers to gain access. However, if you’d prefer giving us a copy, we require a minimum of 2 sets so the primary and secondary walker can have a copy each. All keys are given a unique code so they can’t be traced back to our customers’ homes and the keys are kept in a secure locked box.
  • How can I trust the dog walker?
    All employees will have undergone a basic DBS/CRB check, which you can ask to see a copy if needed. Our employees all carry out theory tests, practical training, and complete a pet first aid and CPR course. If you would like to meet any of our walkers, we advise to book your first walk or visit when at home so you can meet them. You can also see reviews from our happy clients on our website and google reviews.
  • Do you walk my dog on or off lead and where will you walk my dog?
    We tailor your dog’s walk to their needs and your preferences.In your consultation we will discuss how you’d like your dog to be walked (on or off lead) and where you’d be comfortable for them to be walked. we aim to optimize your dog’s walk to the full but also their safety is the most important.
  • What will you use to transport my dog?
    We will transport your dog in our airconditioned vans or cars, in secure cages or seatbelts. In vans every dog will be in separate cages that match the size of the dog. If your dog has travel anxiety and needs a tailored way of transportation, we can discuss this in your consultation.
  • How long are the walks?
    We have two walks available: a 30-minute walk and a 1-hour walk (these can be group or solo walks). Depending on the length of time you choose your dog to be walked they will be out of your home approximately 1-2 hours to include transporting your dog to and from the walking locations.
  • My dog loves muddy puddles, will they come back dirty?
    Our walks include a rinse and dry service, so that every dog who loves to run and jump through all the puddles and mud will be rinsed off and towel dried, so that they come back home in the same condition they left.
  • How many dogs will be in a group walk?
    We always follow the rules of the local council, in Hampshire it’s a maximum of 4 dogs per person. However, we also consider many factors as temperaments, location of walks and pace of walk. This will be discussed in your consultation so we can tailor it to your dog.
  • What days and times can I book my dog in for their walk/visit?
    Our walks/visits are available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Depending on the length of time you book your dog in for, we offer 2-hour time slots so that gives us traveling time to pick up and drop off your dog and complete a 30 minute or 1 hour walk. For visits we will arrive at your house within the 2-hour slot you choose. If you require your dog to be walked on weekends or after 6pm on a weekday, you can contact us for a bespoke quote.
  • Will my dog walker change, or will it be the same person?
    We have a team of Dog Walkers. We assign a Primary and secondary walker to your dog, however at the beginning we may have different walkers, walk/visit your dog to see which one suits your dog best. This is to ensure your dog can have the best experience and to enable cover all year round (Monday to Friday, except bank holidays) when you need our services.
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